Big Science Day

Whole-school celebrations of Science can be challenging if different year groups are all exploring different areas of the curriculum - which is where our Big Science Days can help! We’ll start the day with a whole-school assembly exploring the wonder, importance and relevance of science - then deliver workshops for each year group, using drama techniques to bring key areas of their scientific investigations to life. And as each workshop can accommodate up to 60 children, a Big Science Day can cater for up to 420 pupils!

Our Big Science Days also offer a great way to generate a whole-school “science buzz” – so we also have some amazing thematic thematic days to choose from. All rooted in the National Curriculum these include: 

Journeys into Space
Amazing Animals (and Hair Raising Humans)
Exploring Evolution
Phenomenal Plants
Considering Conservation
Looking at Light
Eclectic Electricity
The Marvel of Materials
May the Force Be With You
Making Sense of Sound

Suitable for:
3-5 year olds;
6-12 year olds;
13-16 year olds.

Duration: one day per group of maximum 60 students.

Cost: EUR 600