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Unlock a World of Learning Adventures for Kids

Welcome to SED Hub, where young minds embark on exciting journeys of discovery through our specialized courses designed exclusively for kids. Our dynamic range of courses covers four captivating domains: Artificial Intelligence, Coding, Robotics, and Blockchain. Each course is tailored to spark curiosity, foster creativity, and ignite a passion for technology in young learners.

Artificial Intelligence for Kids

Dive into the future with our AI courses. Kids explore the world of artificial intelligence, learning how machines can think, learn, and make decisions. From coding chatbots to understanding machine learning, our AI courses offer hands-on experiences that empower kids to shape tomorrow's technology.

All age groups

Introduction to AI for Kids

An introductory course that teaches kids the basics of artificial intelligence, including machine learning concepts and real-world applications. 
All age groups

AI Coding with Scratch

Kids will learn how to create AI-powered projects using Scratch, a beginner-friendly coding platform, and explore the fun side of AI programming. 
All age groups

AI in Game Design

This course combines gaming and AI, allowing kids to create and train AI-powered game characters while learning about AI's role in the gaming industry. 
All age groups

AI Robotics for Kids

Kids will build and program robots with AI capabilities, introducing them to the world of robotics and machine learning in a hands-on way. 
All age groups

AI Ethics and Responsible AI for Kids

Explore the ethical aspects of AI with kid-friendly examples and discussions on fairness, bias, and responsible AI development.
All age groups

AI Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Kids will design their own chatbots and virtual assistants, learning how AI powers natural language understanding and human-computer interaction. 
All age groups

AI in Art and Creativity

Encourage creative expression with AI! This course introduces kids to AI tools for generating art, music, and stories. 
All age groups

AI for Problem Solving

Teach kids how AI can solve real-world problems. They'll work on AI projects that address everyday challenges. 
All age groups

AI and STEM Projects

Combine AI with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) projects to create innovative solutions and gain a deeper understanding of AI's role in these fields. P
All age groups

AI in Virtual Reality (VR)

Explore the exciting world of AI and VR. Kids will learn to create AI-driven VR experiences, merging two cutting-edge technologies. 

Coding Adventures Await

Coding is the language of the digital age, and our coding courses make it accessible and fun for kids of all ages. Whether they're beginners or aspiring programmers, kids can create games, build websites, and bring their imaginative ideas to life through code.

All age groups

Introductory Coding for Kids

A beginner's course that introduces kids to the fundamentals of coding through fun and interactive activities and games.
All age groups

Scratch Programming for Kids

Learn coding with Scratch, a visual programming language designed for kids. Create animations, games, and stories while building a strong foundation in coding. 
All age groups

Python Programming for Young Coders

An introduction to Python programming language for kids, teaching them the basics of coding and problem-solving using Python. 
All age groups

JavaScript for Kids

Kids will explore web development by learning JavaScript, creating interactive websites and games in a kid-friendly environment. 
All age groups

Minecraft Modding with Code

Combine gaming and coding by learning to create Minecraft mods. Kids can customize their Minecraft worlds using Java programming.
All age groups

Robotics and Coding

Dive into robotics and coding by building and programming robots. Kids will learn to control robots to perform tasks and solve challenges. 
All age groups

App Development for Kids

Kids can design and develop their own mobile apps using simple app-building platforms, gaining insight into the world of app development. 
All age groups

Game Development with Unity

Explore game development with Unity, a powerful game engine. Kids will create their own 2D and 3D games while learning coding concepts. 
All age groups

Creative Coding with Art and Music

Merge coding with art and music, allowing kids to create interactive art projects and compose music through coding. 
All age groups

Coding and Animation

Learn coding while exploring the world of animation. Kids will create animated stories and characters using coding principles. 

Robotics: Where Imagination Meets Engineering

In our robotics courses, kids become builders, engineers, and programmers. They'll design and construct robots, learn to program their movements, and even engage in thrilling robot competitions. It's a journey of hands-on learning and innovation.

All age groups

Introduction to Robotics for Kids

An entry-level course that introduces kids to the basics of robotics, including robot components, programming, and hands-on robot building. 
All age groups

LEGO Mindstorms Robotics

Learn robotics through LEGO Mindstorms kits. Kids will build and program robots, solving challenges and engaging in creative robotics projects. 
All age groups

VEX IQ Robotics

Dive into robotics with VEX IQ, where kids design and build robots, compete in robotics challenges, and gain hands-on experience in engineering and coding. 
All age groups

Arduino Robotics

Explore the world of robotics with Arduino. Kids will build and program robots using Arduino microcontrollers to perform various tasks.
All age groups

Robotics and AI

Combine robotics and artificial intelligence. Kids will build smart robots that can recognize objects, follow lines, and respond to voice commands. 
All age groups

Drone Programming and Flying

Learn to program and pilot drones. Kids will understand drone technology, write code for autonomous flights, and engage in drone racing challenges. 
All age groups

Robotic Arm Building

Build and control robotic arms. Kids will explore the mechanics of robot arms, program them to perform tasks, and learn about automation. 
All age groups

Autonomous Robot Challenges

Engage in exciting challenges with autonomous robots. Kids will program robots to navigate mazes, complete obstacle courses, and more. 
All age groups

AI in Robotics

Dive into artificial intelligence within robotics. Kids will create robots that can recognize faces, objects, and even play games using AI algorithms. 
All age groups

Sumo Robotics

Compete in sumo robot battles. Kids will design and program robots to compete in exciting sumo wrestling-style competitions. 

Blockchain: Pioneering the Future

Introduce your kids to the world of blockchain technology, where digital currencies, secure transactions, and digital art collide. Our blockchain courses demystify this groundbreaking technology, empowering kids to explore its potential in a safe and creative environment.

All age groups

Blockchain Basics for Kids

An introductory course that simplifies blockchain technology for kids, explaining the concept of decentralized ledgers and how cryptocurrencies work. 
All age groups

Blockchain Game Development

Combine gaming and blockchain by learning to create blockchain-based games. Kids will explore the integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and smart contracts. 
All age groups

Digital Wallets and Cryptocurrency

Kids will discover the world of digital wallets and cryptocurrencies. They'll learn how to set up wallets, make transactions, and understand the security aspects. 
All age groups

Blockchain Art and Collectibles

Explore blockchain's role in art and collectibles. Kids can create and trade digital art using blockchain technology and NFTs. 
All age groups

Blockchain for Supply Chain

Learn how blockchain enhances supply chain transparency. Kids will understand how blockchain can track the journey of products from manufacturing to consumers. 
All age groups

Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Dive into smart contracts on the blockchain. Kids will explore how these self-executing contracts work and create their own simple smart contracts. 
All age groups

Blockchain and Digital Identity

Learn how blockchain can secure digital identities. Kids will explore identity verification and authentication using blockchain technology. 
All age groups

Blockchain in Gaming and Entertainment

Discover how blockchain is revolutionizing the gaming and entertainment industries. Kids can create blockchain-based games and content. 
All age groups

Blockchain in Social Impact

Explore how blockchain is used for social good. Kids will learn about blockchain's role in charity, transparent donations, and solving real-world issues. 

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