Meet the Scientist

Explore the World of Science with Our "Meet the Scientist" Events

Our "Meet the Scientist" events open doors for children and families to delve into the fascinating realm of professional scientists and engineers. These events offer engaging, hands-on activities that directly connect with the cutting-edge work these experts do daily. Our mission is to inspire young minds and raise awareness about the accessible and rewarding career opportunities available in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) industries.

SED Hub has meticulously crafted the "Meet the Scientist" program by collaborating with various schools and STEM professionals. Our approach is rooted in ensuring that these accomplished scientists can share their knowledge, work, and passions with the public in an approachable and enriching manner.

These events are suitable for all age groups and can be seamlessly conducted within school premises, taking up an average of 1 hour. We equip school teachers with essential background information about the featured scientist and relevant resources aligned with their field of expertise, empowering students to ask insightful questions.

Event Details:

Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Cost: EUR 150 per hour

Join us on an exciting journey of discovery! Our "Meet the Scientist" events promise to ignite curiosity and inspire the next generation of STEM enthusiasts. Contact us today to schedule an event that will leave a lasting impact on your students.

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