Meet the Scientist

The Meet the Scientist events give children and families opportunities to explore the work of professional scientists and engineers. Events include engaging hands-on activities related to the work being done every day. The program’s objective is to make young people more aware of accessible and lucrative career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) industries.

SED Hub developed its Meet the Scientist events through its participation within various schools and STEM professionals in engaging and enriching ways to share their knowledge with children and informal public audiences. Its essence is helping accomplished scientists share their knowledge, their work, and their passions to the general public in a approachable manner.

Suitable for any age group.

Should 'Meet the Scientist' event, be carried out in a school, this takes an average of 1 hour. We provide school teachers with some background about the person students will meet and also resources in line with the field of study, so that students can ask questions accordingly.

Cost: 150 EUR / hour.