Murderous Maths 

It’s exactly 100 years to the day since the grisly demise of Maria – and this unique workshop allows up to 180 pupils from ages 6-12, attempt to crack the case at the same time. After everyone’s been introduced to the crime scene, the victim and the suspects (and been armed with Evidence Booklets), we’ll reveal a series of clues – including blood stains, omnibus tickets and personal belongings. As pupils practice their maths skills, the suspects will be whittled down one by one – until only the criminal remains.

But there’s still more to do – because the identity of his or her accomplice has yet to be revealed. A job that will be undertaken in up to three follow-up workshops, each for up to 30 pupils.

Exploring (according to year group and time): measurements, number investigations, additive and multiplicative reasoning, time, positional language, properties of 2D and 3D shapes, problem-solving, angles, trajectories.

Interactive problem solving for up to 180 6-12 year olds pupils (with follow-up workshops for up to 90).

Duration: one day.

Cost: EUR 500