Always rooted in real and concrete science and taking their lead from the Curriculum - but taking approaches from our experiences to provide an excellent way of engaging students with science and supporting them in understanding the world (and worlds) around them.

Delivered by practitioners who are passionate about science, these exciting programmes use drama-based approaches to cement existing learning, clarify difficult concepts, challenge thinking and introduce new content.

We know how complex delivering whole-school approaches to science can be, so you can now book a Big Science Day for a number of year groups, comprising either different workshops exploring a number of topics - or a range of age-differentiated activities on a single scientific theme!

Our inspirational workshops exist in a range of formats, differentiated for age and ability - and are designed to build on pupils' existing knowledge, enhance progression and boost pupil motivation in science. They are available both during World Space Week and throughout the school year.

For teachers, they provide an opportunity to experience some creative, inspiring and cross-curricular approaches to teaching the topic of Space, many of which require minimal resources and can be shared with colleagues and implemented into science lessons the very next day.