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Welcome to the ultimate science party, brought to you by Professor Helix at SED Hub Laboratories! Say goodbye to boring party games and hello to an exciting and unique experience that your child will never forget. Our Science Party is the greatest invention yet, combining education with entertainment in a way that has never been seen before.

Individual Science Party:

Perfect for children aged 3 to 15 years old.
Features a variety of fun science-themed props and games.
Engages children of all ages with fiery bubbles, gooey slime, and more.
Includes a 30 to 40 minute science show with interactive experiments and captivating visuals.
Leaves children in awe as they learn about the wonders of science in an unforgettable way.
Suitable for birthday parties, end of school parties, holy communion parties, and other special events.
Duration: 180 minutes.
Price: 300 EUR.

School Science Party:

Specifically designed for school science parties and events.
Suitable for end-of-year celebrations, Christmas, Easter, Science Day, and more.
Accommodates up to 200 students at a time.
Includes a minimum of two experienced science demonstrators.
Offers a full-day science experience with a duration of 240 minutes.
Engages students in hands-on science activities tailored to their age groups.
Examples of activities: mind-blowing chemistry experiments, electrifying physics demonstrations, stellar astronomy journeys, and exploring biological marvels.
Provides an educational and entertaining experience for students.
Price: 600 euros.

Don't miss out on the most unique and exciting party experience available. Contact us today to book your Science Party and give your child or students an unforgettable celebration of science!

Party Games

At SED Hub Laboratories, we offer a wide range of science party games that can be customized to suit different themes and interests. Here are some examples of the exciting possibilities we can provide:

We have a selection of generic neutral games that are perfect for both boys and girls. From science-themed treasure hunts to "Build It Better" competitions using building blocks, we can create interactive challenges that engage participants and promote teamwork.

For boys who love adventure, we can organize thrilling games inspired by robotics and space exploration. Imagine navigating through a robotics maze or participating in a LEGO race where participants build and race their own vehicles.

Girls can indulge in hands-on activities that encourage exploration and creativity. Our DIY slime station allows them to create their own unique slime concoctions, while biology-themed games introduce them to different animal species and their habitats.

Embark on a jungle expedition where participants discover the wonders of nature. They can explore sensory stations to feel and identify different animal furs and feathers, or take part in a jungle-themed relay race that tests their agility and knowledge of jungle creatures.

Explore the cosmos with our astronomical quest games. Participants can identify and draw constellations, design and launch paper rockets, or engage in a scavenger hunt that reveals fascinating facts about the solar system.

Dive into the world of chemistry with our thrilling chemical reactions challenge. Witness exciting volcano eruptions, create colorful and fizzy reactions, or solve puzzles that involve matching molecular structures.

Our biology expedition games allow participants to delve into the wonders of the natural world. They can observe insects under magnifying glasses, participate in a photosynthesis relay, or create food chains based on different ecosystems.

These are just a glimpse of the possibilities we offer at SED Hub Laboratories. We strive to create a unique and unforgettable science party experience by providing engaging games and activities that cater to various themes and interests. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let us help you plan the perfect science party for your event.

Get the Ultimate Science Party Experience with Our Science Themed Party Supplies

Looking for the ultimate science party experience? Look no further! Our Science Party offers a range of science-themed party supplies that are perfect for any science-themed party.

Our science-themed party supplies include science-themed plates, tablecloths, napkins, and science-themed party bags. These items can be purchased at an extra cost to make your science party experience even more special.

Our science-themed plates and napkins feature fun science-themed designs that are sure to get your little scientists excited. Our tablecloths are also available in a science-themed design to complete the look of your party.

Our science-themed party bags are the perfect way to send your guests home with a fun science-themed keepsake. Each party bag includes a range of science-themed toys and activities that will keep your guests entertained long after the party is over.

So why wait? Take your science party to the next level with our science-themed party supplies. Order now to get the ultimate science party experience!

Giveaways Galore!

Our Science Party is not just about having fun during the party, but also about extending the excitement beyond the event itself. That's why we love to offer lots of great giveaways to make sure your child's party is a memorable one.

Our party game prizes, consolation sweets, and winner's certificates add an extra element of competition to the party, making it even more exciting for the kids. We also provide a printable invitation and thank you note, making it easier for you to organise the party and express your gratitude to the guests.

But the fun doesn't stop there! We provide science fun sheets featuring four awesome science experiments that the children can safely try at home. This is a great way to extend the learning and excitement from the party, as the kids can continue to explore the world of science even after the event is over. And if that's not enough, the children can also win more prizes during the party with fun 'Instant Win' science-themed questions!

At SED Hub Laboratories, we take pride in providing an unforgettable Science Party experience that is not only entertaining but also educational. We want children to learn about science in a fun and engaging way, and to inspire them to explore the wonders of the world around them.