New! CSI: Rollercoaster

Rollercoaster riders are subject to a whole range of forces as they climb to dizzying heights, plunge at bone-rattling speeds and loop the loop at death-defying angles. CSI: Rollercoaster takes advantage of this by immersing your pupils in a world where someone has sabotaged the world’s most thrilling ride: The Newton.

After being introduced to the crime the suspects and, through a problem-solving game, some rollercoaster forces, pupils will take part in a challenging activity asking them to use their existing scientific understanding and transfer it to new areas. This process will release a number of clues, each eliminating one suspect - until only the saboteur remains!

Suitable for:
3-5 year olds;
6-12 year olds;
13-16 year olds. (up to 30 pupils at a time)

Exploring: gravity, friction and other push/pull forces; gravity, friction, upthrust, centrifugalism, centripetalism, magnetism.

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes.

Cost: EUR 150 / 45 minutes.