Forget flying cars and talking robots, Professor Helix at SED Hub Laboratories has created the greatest invention ever… our Science Party!

Experience a one of a kind of science party with awesome science themed party games for the first half, followed by a hilarious science show for the second half. Science has never been so much fun!

We cater for birthday parties, end of school parties, holy communion parties and special events.

Suitable For:
3-5 year olds
7-12 year olds
13+ year olds (up to 30 at a time)

Duration: 180 minutes.

Price: 300 EUR

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Party Length

2 hours


Max. Attendance

40 children


Set-up Time

45 minutes


Set-down Time

45 minutes

Party Games

Our exciting party games are perfect for 3 – 15 year olds and feature lots of fun science themed props!

From fiery bubbles, awesome air guns and gooey slime, to chemical reactions and explosive mini rockets, our 30 – 40 minute science show is packed full of seriously cool science fun! We leave the science education to the teachers and instead pack our entertaining science show with lots of interactive science experiments that will have the kids’ laughing out loud!

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What we Provide

Party Games Played (younger ones)
Geeks vs. Boffins Limbo
Planet Panic
Professor Bunsen’s Bumps
Rocket Racers
Party Games Played (older ones)
Awesome Atoms
Geeks vs. Boffins Limbo
Planet Panic
Rocket Racers
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FREE Giveaways with this Party!
Birthday Child Medal
Consolation Sweets
Gooey Slime (for birthday child)
Fun Home Experiments Sheets
Thank You Notes

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Giveaways Galore!

We love packing our Science Party with lots of great giveaways, such as party game prizes, consolation sweets, winner’s certificates and a printable invitation & thank you note (emailed to you at time of booking).

We also supply science fun sheets featuring four awesome science experiments that the children can safely try at home. The children can also win more prizes during the party with fun ‘Instant Win’ science themed questions!

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